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Growing Your Business With Email Marketing

Last year there were approximately 4 billion email users around the world, and that number continues to climb every day. Over 80% of small businesses use email marketing as their main means of customer acquisition. And although this number fluctuates depending on the industry, it is clear that email marketing plays a significant role in the growth of a small business. When used effectively, email marketing can increase sales while boosting your brand visibility.

What Is the Best Email Marketing Platform for My Business?

With so many email marketing platforms to choose from, it is hard to know which one is best tailored to the needs of your small business. The most popular email marketing platforms include MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Campaign Monitor, however the list goes on. Each email marketing platform has membership tiers set at different price points based on the number of email subscribers and the quantity of emails you will be sending. So, when you are first getting started, it is usually a smart decision to go with a lower tier membership plan. You can always upgrade your plan in the future. Also, be sure to look out for free trial periods during which you can test out each of the platforms without making an actual investment.

Building Your List of Email Subscribers

There is a good chance that you have exchanged emails with a significant portion of your current customers. If this is the case, create a spreadsheet and add their email addresses and correlating information such as their first and last names. As you are the one who has done business with them, you will probably know which of them you can count on for potential sales. But there may also be customers who have not done business with you in years that you could entice to make a new purchase with an effective email marketing campaign.

Whether or not you currently have a list of email addresses, the goal is to reach as many people within your target market as possible. Adding a sign-up form to your website and social media pages is a good way to begin growing your subscriber list. And if you have a physical location where customers visit, create a sign-up form for them to fill out while there. You can further attract customers to fill this form out by incentivizing them with a discount for email subscribers.

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Email cartoon rendition

Creating an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

The number of email subscribers you have does not matter if your email marketing campaigns are not achieving tangible results. Take advantage of your email marketing platform’s personalization features. When used properly, these features can automatically input the subscribers’ names into the subject or body of the email, making the recipient feel as if you are speaking to them directly. Also, be sure all of your email campaigns include calls to action that lead people to click, call, or visit your store, depending on your specific goal.

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