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Do Your Employees Feel Appreciated?

On March 1st, we celebrated National Employee Appreciation Day. And while National Employee Appreciation Day only happens once a year, acknowledging your employees’ contributions should be a daily practice.

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Is Your Business ADA Compliant?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) helps ensure businesses provide appropriate accommodations for individuals with disabilities and do not discriminate against them. This post includes information on how to keep your business ADA-compliant and answers other frequently asked questions.

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Tasks for Small Businesses in the New Year

The new year gives small businesses an opportunity to learn from last year’s accomplishments and mistakes. This post provides helpful information on clever ways to utilize the beginning of 2024.

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The Role of Social Media In Growing Your Small Business In New York

If you’re a business owner in New York, you already know competition is fierce, and it takes hard work to stand out. That said, social media has become necessary for small businesses to thrive. With its unparalleled reach and the ability to engage directly with customers, you can use it as a crucial tool to connect with your customer base and grow your online presence. Continue reading


Business Networking in New York: Tips for Success

Business networking can be an extremely effective way to generate new business while maintaining current clients.

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E-Commerce Strategies for Small Businesses in New York

E-commerce sales account for over one trillion dollars annually in the US, and these numbers are only expected to grow. This article provides tips and insight on maximizing your e-commerce sales, helping ensure your digital marketing efforts are successful.

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The Impact of Local SEO on Small Businesses in New York

Local search engine optimization (SEO) helps your website get found by people looking for services or products within your area. It can be highly beneficial for New York-based small businesses that make most of their revenue at their physical locations.

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Sustainable Practices for Small Businesses in New York

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important factor in our daily lives. By incorporating sustainable practices into various aspects of your small business, you are promoting a cleaner environment, saving money, and increasing your bottom line. The New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA) and US federal government also offer tax credits and incentives, further benefitting your business.

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National Preparedness Month – Keeping Your Employees Safe

September is National Preparedness Month, and this September, we will focus on ways to prepare your business for unexpected hazards. Being fully prepared for natural or human-caused disasters helps your business mitigate property damage while potentially saving lives.

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Building Customer Loyalty: Strategies for Small Businesses in New York

In a competitive business environment like New York’s, attracting and retaining your target clients is an uphill battle. With thousands of businesses opening each month, how do you stand out? The answer is customer loyalty. Besides cutting down on marketing costs, a loyal client base will help keep your business alive for years. This post will cover some actionable strategies small business owners could use to grow customer loyalty.

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